Who said graduating with a 2.1 from a prestigious university in Nigeria these days is an automatic ticket to employment? Life and the society will always have its fair share on us. 

How would you feel if you left school and concluded NYSC for close to 2 years living without a job or a source of income?

Bad right? I hear someone said just 2 years? Well, if you think the way I think, 2 years is a whole lot cos I am a lady and time is always not a friend to ladies if you understand what I mean. That was exactly my case. My name is Judith; I am 27yrs of age, a graduate of Unilag with a 2.1 degree in Economics. While I was in school, I had high hopes with a mapped out plan for the life after school such as getting a well-paying job immediately after service, getting married and starting a family 3 years after school. After I finished my NYSC in 2016, it’s been a struggle to get a well-paying job. I applied to numerous vacancies, going from one interview to another getting the same message from the employers "We will get back to you" which they never did over a long time. Those that eventually reply send automated reject emails, wishing me good luck in future endeavors (lol), it was really frustrating. I even applied for government jobs like the police, customs and air force but due to the fact that I don't know people in high places, I was unable to pass selection process for the job. As a woman, getting a job and keeping a job isn’t easy as some employers would want to sleep with you and when you refuse, they just make up lame excuses to sack you. In all of these I have been living a life of discomfort, borrowing money from friends and extended family members and as well owing money for my house rent. Even my uncle who was assisting me stopped giving me money because it seems like I’m always asking him for money even after graduation. The most unpleasant that made me more determined as a woman I must be successful was when my boyfriend left me for a working class lady who works with GTBank and told me that I was a liability to him.

With shattered hopes and dreams, I was left with no option than to look for other legitimate sources of income, so I started searching. I attending various seminars and workshops to get information and also surfing the web for a reliable source of income, it wasn't easy. While reading through different articles and websites searching for legal ways to make money online, I stumbled upon CPA.

I’ve read and even tried things like survey taking, get paid to read emails, article writing, get paid to click, and several other time wasting online opportunities not to forget my loss with MMM. Among all these that I mentioned, I found CPA to be genuine and obviously financially rewarding (though it was a little tasking and demanding at the beginning), my reason is simple, and I found some payment proofs on Youtube and Google which made it appear real (though unbelievable because I thought initially like “who pays you $3,000 USD weekly for promoting company offers? “ little did I realize that companies in the US like BestBuy, Netflix, Home Depot, Weight loss watchers, etc pay as much as $100 for referring people to them via your Facebook Account). Seeing the steps involved to start earning, I took the challenge and told myself “this is achievable”. I was so fixated on the earning potential, so I went on to make more research to get all the necessary information and knowledge to get started. I registered with MaxBounty (Number one CPA Network in the world) and I was immediately rejected for obvious reasons (most CPA network don’t accept Nigerians). Well, as a typical Nigerian, I knew there had to be a way around this as this money was too much to be ignored, I did further research and finally I found a solution that empowered me the right way on how to start earning from CPA, "Finally, I found what I was looking for... I said to myself". I felt a deep sigh of relief.

Can you make money doing this?

Yes!!! I am proud to say my initial pains are now history as I consistently make over 3 million naira monthly (see evidence below).

For those of you that know me before now, I have been helping you out on WhatsApp with the steps on how to get this done so you too can be successful like me. Unfortunately the WhatsApp messages started becoming overwhelming (About a thousand daily); in order not to make you feel bad for none response or delayed response to your WhatsApp messages, I have decided to show you in the screenshots below the steps to take. Once you follow the steps and sign up, the company has Customer care Reps who you can further assist you on how to go about the whole process but trust me; it is nothing complicated at all.

Thank you for reading my story, I hope my story has been able to challenge you to realize that there’s a lot of money to be made out there? Complaining and grumbling about how bad Nigerian government or the economy is won't change anything. You can fix the mess just the way I fixed mine. I hope to hear your testimony soon.

The 1st Step is to follow this link

Once you fill out the form and submit, check your email (I recommend you use a Gmail) immediately for the step by step guide and follow the steps, if you are confused call any of their customer support Reps for assistance.

Also attached below are the screenshots of how to application to a CPA Network (Absolutely free).

Apply here:

Frequently Asked Questions

No it does not; getting a CPA account is free

I am no longer able to provide my direct whatsapp anymore as I got over 1000 missed calls in one week, however I will provide the number of some CPA team to you, feel free to call and ask questions.

  • Tunmise 08120628607
  • Adaeze 09069162654
  • Munachi 09031513813
  • Victoria 09030185841
  • Sandra 08168784141
Wait for about 2 weeks for approval, after approval contact any of their customer service .
Be patient, the approval could take longer
No , I tried it last month, my phone rang from Monday to Sunday , I only wanted to show others that there is money to be made not customer service
Not in your first few months, but with time , yes I believe you can.

I will suggest you call any of their account managers

  • Tunmise 08120628607
  • Adaeze 09069162654
  • Munachi 09031513813
  • Victoria 09030185841
  • Sandra 08168784141
It depends but earning 100,000 to 300,000 naira on CPA is not a big deal
Nope , let me concentrate on making so much first .